Message from Mike Curtain:

Last week we hosted two parent workshops focused on helping parents to understand and support our K-5 math program,  Math in Focus.  Knowing that limited seating capacity and parents' busy schedules would prevent many from attending, we took video of the two presentations and we have posted them on the district mathematics page.

Here are direct links to the two videos: 

March 13, 2019 - Math in Focus for grades K-2

March 14, 2019 - Math in Focus for grades 3-5

There were a couple of technical glitches.  The audio, particularly on the March 13 video, may require you to turn up your computer/phone speakers.  At one point during the March 13 presentation, the camera fell over and was on its side for several minutes.  Still, I hope you find these recordings helpful and, as always, I welcome your questions and feedback. 

Thank you to the Edgemont PTA for sponsoring these evening presentations.